May 29, 2023

Top Digital Healthcare Trends like Telemedicine That Should Matter to You in 2022

Healthcare Trends Telemedicine 2022

With new trends and technologies emerging in the healthcare technology space, the healthcare industry is at the cusp of major digital transformation. A recent report predicts that about 80% of healthcare organizations aim to increase their digital healthcare tools investment by 2027. If you are in the healthcare sector, here are the most significant digital healthcare trends that you can expect to witness more in 2022.

Telemedicine to expand into chronic care

In 2022, telemedicine will expand into more chronic care spaces like diabetes and cardiac ailments. Telehealth offers a cost-effective and convenient way to diagnose chronic diseases and provide timely intervention, preventing deaths.

Digital therapeutics for making more informed decisions

As we step into the post-pandemic era, many healthcare providers will be adopting digital therapeutics to offer evidence-based therapeutic interventions to patients. Digital therapeutics will enable healthcare providers to make informed decisions and derive better patient outcomes based on actionable insights. It will also allow patients to access on-demand and personalized therapies for several medical conditions.

Remote patient monitoring fuelled by modern innovations.

The concept of Remote Patient Monitoring gained wide acceptance during the pandemic. This trend will continue in 2022 and will likely become the future of healthcare services delivery with the advancement of healthcare technology. Devices such as blood pressure cuffs, sensors, implantables, and other innovations will allow doctors to monitor patients using real-time patient data and offer better healthcare services. Using remote monitoring, doctors can track patients’ progress and their adherence to therapy to improve clinical outcomes.

Smart wearables and devices adoption to increase

Wearable technology has opened new doors to better service and a healthier society. Wearable technology innovation is progressing rapidly, driven by AI, semiconductors, and sensor advances. By 2024, their adoption will increase, and there will be nearly 440 million units in the market.

Cloud computing in healthcare to witness mass adoption

The cloud-healthcare sector is slated to grow by more than 64 billion USD by 2025. Many benefits are fuelling its adoption in this sector, including – less need for management and increased productivity, streamlined data flow, seamless performance under challenging locations, enhanced security and better collaboration between teams, and seamless communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Final words

Digital healthcare tools have been around for years, but it was the COVID-19 pandemic that pushed healthcare organizations to embrace digital health trends and new technology. Technology adoption is now in full swing. You must also consider the trends and innovations listed in this article to create a better future led by technology.

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